National Grid

National Grid supplies gas and electric energy in the United States and the United Kingdom, where it originated. The company is also aiming to become greener, establishing a number of solar energy customers and linking Rhode Island energy customers to the Block Island Wind Farm.

The utility has many employees with 15, 20 and even 30 years of service. That’s because they provide well for their staff with excellent benefits and many opportunities for advancement.

Opportunities for advancement: Whether an employee works in the field as a gas line installer or in the office doing administrative work, she will find room to grow into new roles. Sometimes field workers advance into administrative positions, as well. The current head of human resources and diversity joined the company as a gas operations supervisor. Another worker who began as a meter reader now oversees all the company’s labor relations.

Appreciating employees: When the staff meets certain annual goals for safety or customer satisfaction, they are rewarded financially. Employees can also nominate each other for Appreciate awards, which signify that a worker has performed beyond their duty. Recipients of the rewards get points that allow them to purchase gifts.

Education and licensure opportunities: National Grid will reimburse employees up to $8,000 for undergraduate coursework and up to $10,000 for studies in graduate programs. In 2018, the company also hopes to have a program in place that will pay off employees’ student loans for them. It’s also common for National Grid to send workers to conferences, workshops and expos for training.

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