Spotlight: NYU Langone Medical Center, 2015 Age Smart Employer Award Winner

NYU Langone Medical Center is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, with a trifold mission to serve, teach and discover. One third of their 18,000 employees are 50 years old or older.

At NYU Langone Medical Center, older workers fill full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal positions.  Leadership says that it is their belief that older workers strengthen diversity in the workplace and serve as role models for other employees.

“Engagement takes place at all levels of the organization.  We believe that having excellent benefits, training and professional development, internal job mobility, and worksite wellness are all part of promoting engagement and retention,” explains Lori Genser Burkoff, the manager of Organizational Development and Learning.

Specific Age Smart Policies & Practices


  • They actively recruit older works by posting jobs on sites like Senior Job Bank, AARP and Quintessential Careers.
  • They hire retired employees, who have signed up to be part of their in-house temp pool, for part-time, temporary, and consulting jobs.


  • Computer classes are offered at no charge to help workers (especially older workers) feel comfortable using everything from email to Excel to programs used in specific disciplines.
  • Seminars are offered in topics like telephone skills, management, and communication.
  • Late career employees have opportunities for professional development through online modules and coaching.

Physical Work Environment

  • Workstation ergonomic assessments are done through the department of occupational therapy. 

Flexibility in Scheduling

  • Flexible start and ending times, compressed work weeks, reduced work schedules, and telecommuting are offered as options in coordination with the needs of different departments.
  • Employees are offered tuition assistance to take classes or obtain a degree at NYU.


  • Caregiver support services are offered through the Work/Life Assistance Program. There is also aFamily Care Bank that allows employees to keep left over vacation days to use while caring for others.
  • An extensive wellness program includes classes, incentive programs, discounts on gyms for staff and retirees, an employee assistance program, a “relaxation” phone line and work/life assistance.
  • A care coordination program is offered for employees with chronic conditions.
  • Personal health advocacy is available to solve billing, insurance problems for employees.
  • There is emergency back up care for adults and elders.
  • Employees who reach their 25 year and above milestone attend a dinner cruise each June to celebrate their dedication to the organization.

Opportunities for Those Approaching Retirement/Retirees

  • Employees meet with the NYU Langone Retirement Specialist about 6 months prior to retirement todiscuss benefits in retirement, social security and Medicare.
  • Retirees can register to be part of the in-house temp pool, be hired as consultants or work on project-based initiatives.

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