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What Age Smart Employers Are Doing Right – Forbes

December 10, 2015

A tip for employers: Be like Amy. Or like Brooks. That’s Amy as in Amy’s Bread and Brooks as in the Long Island City Factory Alterations Center of Brooks Brothers, two of the six newly announced winners of the 2015 Age Smart Employer Awards. Read More


2015 Age Smart Finalists Featured in the Wall Street Journal

December 8, 2015

At a Brooks Brothers factory in Queens, workers manufacture more than 1.5 million neckties each year.
While the clothing retailer’s neckwear is conventional, the factory’s workforce isn’t: Of 222 employees, 52% are 55 years old or older. Read More


Queens news outlets feature local 2015 Age Smart Employer Award winners – LIC Post and Sunnyside Post

December 11, 2015


Age-Smart Finalists Named

October 23, 2015

Thirteen New York City businesses and nonprofits were recognized as finalists for the 2015 Age Smart Awards.  


The Future Of Work And Our Social Compact

June 18, 2015

Ruth Finkelstein of the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center said, “One dose of education that at you get in the first 20 years of your life simply couldn’t be adequate for the next 90 years. Read More  


Faculty Q&A with Ruth Finkelstein on Aging

Ruth Finkelstein has spent her career as a researcher and advocate for groups that might otherwise be ignored.   


You Will Not Get To Retire: How Old Age Became Unaffordable And Unhealthy, And How We Can Fix It

May 18, 2015

Not long ago, many of us would have automatically answered “yes” to that question, and with good reason.   


Mature Workers are a Boon to Business

Ally Bank and Bankrate recently co-hosted an #AllyBRchat on Twitter to discuss the positive impact of mature workers.


Bridge Cleaners Counts on Multiple Generations

May, 2015

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors and Age Smart Employers in the news. View the article on page 22 of American Drycleaner magazine.  


Welcoming Older Workers

April 20, 2015

Bridge Cleaners and Tailors is owned by Victoria Aviles, a Colombian immigrant in her 60s, who worked her way up from sweeping in a dry cleaners to becoming a couture tailor and business owner.  


New guides put the focus on the older worker

At the age of 93, Little Neck resident Dave Shapiro continues to work in his family’s industrial brush business, over eight decades after he began earning a nickel for every sack of wooden brush blocks he unpacked for his father, the company’s co-founder. Read More


How Older Workers Are Helping Small NYC Businesses Thrive

March 25, 2015

When a new employee at the custom metal manufacturer Architectural Grille is stumped by a tricky welding job, there’s a quick way to solve the problem — ask one of the company’s veteran workers. Read More


Why NYC Wants to Put Old People to Work

March 20, 2015

A skilled-labor shortage has left small businesses across the country scrambling to fill positions and New York City health organizations say there’s a simple solution: hire older workers.Read More


Maximizing the Potential of Older Workers

March 18, 2015

Life expectancy in the United States has increased in the last century by nearly 30 years and continues to grow each year.


AARP Journal – Maximizing Our Aging Potential

March 20, 2015

By the year 2070 the world’s population is projected to stop growing for the first time in human history.


Quote from David Turk, Owner of Indiana Catering

"More mature workers get what their real job is. The younger we are the more we are in a job just for ourselves. The older workers tend to understand that we’re in it for something greater than ourselves. Then one becomes connected to the mission of the business and it becomes a bigger job. The value of that can’t be brought to dollars and cents."


Politico features Age-friendly NYC

January 13, 2015

Seniors Take Manhattan: How NYC became a global leader for senior living - one Zumba class at a time.

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