Research Experience and Training Coordination Core

PIs: Annie Nigra, PhD; Ben Bostick, PhD

The Research Experience and Training Coordination Core (RETCC) will train a diverse group of future leaders who can traverse biomedical and earth sciences research to accelerate innovation, incorporate community input, and improve public health. The Columbia Northern Plains Superfund Research Program’s mission to advance science and technology to improve water quality and mitigate metal-related health effects in tribal communities in the Northern Plains uses systems science, local community knowledge, and cross-cutting technologies which will provide an ideal framework for this interdisciplinary research and training. Successful accomplishment of the proposed aims will yield alumni who are proficient in their chosen disciplines and in interdisciplinary research, with real-world perspectives, a strong set of practical skills, respect for communities, and leadership qualities that will enable them to launch their careers as successful environmental health and earth scientists and engineers.

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