Columbia Northern Plains Superfund Research Program Project 5

Light-based Approaches for Effective and Sustainable Removal of Arsenic and Uranium from Drinking Water Sources

PI: Benjamin Bostick, PhD

Exposure to arsenic and uranium in drinking water—common contaminants at Superfund sites and on tribal lands in the Northern Plains—is associated with negative health effects, including high rates of cardiometabolic disease. Project 5 will address shortcomings in water remediation that often lead to incomplete removal of groundwater metal contaminants, including arsenic and uranium, by developing new light-based strategies that enhance efficiency and system lifetime. Once validated, our long-term goals are to implement this effective yet sustainable remediation methodology through partnership with the Native American-owned research firm Missouri Breaks Industries Research, Inc., to reduce potentially harmful exposures to drinking water contamination in the Northern Plains and provide proof-of-concept for implementation in other regions.

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