PKF O'Connor Davies

Of the more than 700 employees at the accounting firm, PKF O’Connor Davies, 251 are over age 50. The company actively hires older accountants when other firms compel them to retire. They also offer all staff an attractive suite of benefits, many opportunities to move up, and flexible work.

Opportunities for advancement: The company has 23 partners who have worked their way up from staff level to partnership and are over age 50.

Paths to education and licensure: Employees are reimbursed tuition up to $5250 a year. They also get a refund for money spent on review courses for the CPA exam, and they receive a bonus when they pass all four parts. Staffers attend conferences, as well, such as the NY Society of CPAs Conference for Next Generation Leaders.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Several people in the New York office use flexible work options, including shorter workweeks and to starting and finishing the workday earlier. And while employees are asked to work 55 hours during the busy season around tax day, they are no longer required to come in on Saturdays during that time.

Recruiting older workers: The big four accounting firms have mandatory retirement ages for their partners, while PKF O’Connor Davies does not. This allows PKF O’Connor Davies to hire seasoned employees from the other firms, also benefitting from their contacts.