Educational Alliance

Educational Alliance is a nonprofit organization that offers a wide array of social services that aid people throughout their lifespan. Pre-K daycare, after-school youth services, a teen center, a hoarders’ program, a drug treatment center, job fairs, resume workshops, and arts classes are some of the offerings. Educational Alliance also feeds meals to about 8,000 seniors a day.

Modifications are made to the work environment and jobs are sometimes modified when workers’ needs and abilities change. For instance, kitchen workers who can’t lift heavy pots are assigned to other duties, and equipment is purchased to accommodate employee disabilities. For instance, a hearing-impaired worker was supplied with a phone that prints out the caller’s words.

A program called the “Request for Ideas” encourages workers to suggest better ways to work and awards $5,000 to $7,000 per project to implement employees’ best innovations.

Training includes ambassadorships, which pair employees so that high performers can model great behaviors.