Video Production and Services

Videos about our School’s research, programs, and community life enrich our events, website, social media, and YouTube channel. The Offices of Communications and Information Technology can provide advice and services to facilitate video projects. The list below outlines the available resources, and best practices for video.

How-To Guides

  • ​Create a Video
  • Video Messages

Common Costs and Options

Please contact Anne Foulke-Toner in the Office of Communications for a list of preferred vendors and for additional resources.

Description Average Costs

When to Start

Who to Consult
Classroom Recordings
and Zoom Webinars
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Free - $40/mo. At least 2 weeks in advance Department Administrator
(AV Office for large audiences)
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$500+ At least 2 weeks in advance AV Office
(Communications if High-Profile occasion)
$1,250+ At least 6 weeks in advance Anne Foulke-Toner in the Office of Communications
$700 - $1,200 At least 6 weeks in advance Anne Foulke-Toner in the Office of Communications
$4,000+ At least 6 weeks in advance Anne Foulke-Toner in the Office of Communications
$250/hr.+ At least 2 weeks in advance Anne Foulke-Toner in the Office of Communications

Classroom-Based Events and webinars

Each academic department has a Zoom account for recording and broadcasting classroom-based events. For more information, visit the Zoom Webinars and Lectures page and the AV Service Level Agreement. On the Columbia Center for New Media and Learning website, you will find resources for creating engaging videos for classroom use.

Event Recordings and Live Streaming

Numerous factors will impact how you decide to capture your event, whether you opt for videotaping or to leverage existing lecture capture software, such as Echo 360. You’ll also need to decide if you want to live stream it.  In many cases, it will come down to the cost and support availability, which differ depending on the technology used. The AV and Communications teams are available to review the options with you, and advise you on what might work best for your event. If you want videography, you’ll need to use one of the vendors listed here. If you think lecture capture will suffice, AV Services can advise you on how best to leverage it for your event and can be available for support as needed. Note that footage from both our lecture capture solutions, Panopto and Echo 360, can be streamed.

Please note that if your event will take place outside of business hours or in a space not managed by the Mailman School, you will to have hire an outside vendor. Please see the chart above for additional information.  

Looking for other event planning resources? See Room Reservations and Event Promotion.