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About Us

In 2013, leadership of the Research Resources Office was taken over by Dr. Pam Factor-Litvak, Associate Dean for Research Resources and Professor of Epidemiology. The Research Resources (R2) Office supports Mailman School researchers in the development and preparation of grant applications. The office helps researchers identify appropriate funding opportunities, develop project ideas, organize, edit and prepare grant applications, and arranges for internal review and feedback on applications prior to submission. R2 also provides training in grantsmanship, research management, and professional development-related issues.

This website section provides access to grant-related resources that include:

  • Templates and guidance documents for grant proposal preparation
  • A library of sample grants and sample grant components
  • Updates on current research-related news
  • Information about current and future funding opportunities
  • A schedule of upcoming R2 events and information sessions and materials from past events. 

Training and Information Sessions

The R2 Office sponsors periodic training, information sessions and workshops on research, as well as on professional development-related topics. These sessions are generally small and informal. Training topics include grant-preparation, management, and other professional development-related issues.

  • Targeted Funding Searches: The R2 Office performs targeted funding searches for Mailman School researchers based on their individual area(s) of interest. Please contact us to receive targeted funding announcements via email.
  • One-on-One Grant Planning and Preparation Services: Investigators are invited to contact the R2 Office to schedule a one-on-one meeting for assistance with any aspect of their grant preparation, including help with finding funding or developing a timetable for proposal preparation and submission.

Additional Resources

Researchers can access additional sites that offer potentially valuable resources and information. To learn more, please visit the following sites.

Columbia University-Related Links

Grant-Related Links

Other Helpful Links

Interdisciplinary Science

Many of today’s most critical public health challenges are too complex to be addressed from the perspective of a single discipline. Interdisciplinary approaches hold great promise; exciting research findings are emerging at the edges of traditional disciplines. Furthermore, numerous funding opportunities demand interdisciplinary approaches.

The SPIRE (Supporting and Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education) Task Force was established in March 2010 by the Dean of Columbia Mailman School Linda P. Fried. The Task Force was charged with finding ways to modify School policies to foster a nurturing environment for interdisciplinary science.To read the task force's report, please login using your uni.