Faculty Directory

The Faculty Directory is the central repository for faculty contact information, academic appointments, publications, affiliations, and areas of expertise. Faculty can request updates to their bio and other information, including publications, by contacting their Department Liaison listed below.

Please Note:

  • The Columbia Mailman School faculty directory is part of the CUIMC system; faculty listings represent all CUIMC affiliations. 
  • Changes are not reflected immediately, it can take some time for the update to appear—typically within an 24 hour period.
  • The faculty title and department will reflect what is listed in the Columbia University directory. If you have questions about what is displayed there, please contact msph-hr-fac-affairs@cumc.columbia.edu.

Department Liaison

Center Liaisons:

  • Center for Infection and Immunity
  • ICAP at Columbia
  • Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center

New Listing Checklist

  • A listing in the Columbia University directory
  • An @cumc.columbia.edu email address (If you do not have one, please contact your department liaison.)
  • Email mailmancomm@columbia.edu to request that a record be created.

Faculty Affiliated to Multiple Departments

  • Because we are on the CUIMC directory system, faculty only have one CUIMC record. Contact the relevant department to make updates about your appointments, or your home Department to make general updates.
  • Faculty should not request an additional record for each CUIMC appointment.

Faculty Returning to CUIMC

  • Faculty returning to CUIMC should re-activate an old listing rather than creating a new one event if that old listing was with a different CUIMC unit. Contact your current home department to request that your record be activated and edited. 

Portrait Photos

For your faculty profile picture, the Office of Communications organizes photo shoots several times each year. If you'd like to arrange for a photo to be taken, or to submit your own professional-looking digital portrait, please email mailmancomm@columbia.edu.

Please note: If you are submitting your own photo, we will accept a high-resolution photo where the subject is shown from mid-chest area up (see examples below). The photo should be professional in tone and cannot include logos, mascots, branding, or any other people in the photo. We recommend standing in front of a simple or blurred background, using natural light if possible (outside or by a window), but avoid having a light source directly behind you.

Sample Headshots