Pharmaceutical Statistics

Pharmaceutical companies in the United States are under constant pressure to develop and bring new drugs to market while observing the complex regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration. Researchers seeking to advance their careers in this industry need a rigorous statistical foundation that considers the unique regulatory environment.

The Mailman School is proud to unveil the Pharmaceutical Statistics MS program—the first of its kind—designed to meet this need. The program steeps students in quantitative methods while offering classes on pharma industry regulation, taught by faculty with industry experience. Students will be versed in the challenges and modern methods relevant to Phase I and Phase II trials—issues not usually addressed by biostatistics MS programs.

Course of Study

The program requires a minimum of 35 credits of coursework through the Mailman School’s Department of Biostatistics and can be pursued full- or part-time. Full-time students who start the program during the summer session may complete their coursework within one year.

Classes are taught by expert biostatisticians, many of whom work with or come from the pharmaceutical sector, or consult with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on clinical and device trial design. 


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Successful applicants have a strong background in mathematics (at least two semesters of calculus) with experience in or a desire to join the pharmaceutical sector.

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