Mackenzie and Her Mom

From Kathy, LEGACY Mom

Why did you decide to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study?
For Mackenzie’s sake, as a breast cancer survivor, any information that can help her health in the future is priceless.

With young girls involved in many activities, why did you decide to make the LEGACY study a priority?
The information that you can gather from watching my daughter and knowing what she does and how her body is developing is so important. I feel that I am keeping an eye out for her. So much money is being spent for breast cancer research. Knowledge is power. Hopefully it is bringing us closer to a cure.

Was the study appointment what you expected?
For the first appointment, I didn’t know what to expect. Mackenzie too was apprehensive at first. But it was a very simple process, with a warm and comfortable environment. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. It makes you feel good. I can do very little to protect my daughter from breast cancer, so this makes a difference.

How was your overall experience with the study appointment?
Flawless. Very fluid. Ideal. You were very accommodating, very accepting of our answers and the moments we didn’t want to answer. Very low pressure. It was easy and satisfying because of that.

How do you feel about recommending your friends to participate in our study?
I feel very strongly about this. Unfortunately I have two other friends who are also breast cancer survivors with young girls. It’s important for them to participate to follow people in the same community regarding possible environmental exposures here in Goshen. I had a lot of support when I was sick from my friends and think they would be willing and want to share in order to help prevent them from having to watch another friend or sister or mother go through it.

From Mackenzie, LEGACY daughter

Why did you decide to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study?

Since my mom had cancer, I was kind of nervous and wondering if I would get it too. So I wanted to learn more.

How was your overall experience with the study appointment?

It was a good experience.

Did you give a blood sample? Would you be willing to do it again?

Yes. Yes.

Based on the first visit, do you think you will stay involved all five years of the study?

Yeah, I think I will. I thought it was a really good experience and I am really interested in learning if there is a legacy. Since my mom had it, will I have it? Will it go on?

We gave a Barnes and Noble gift card for this first visit. What types of gift cards would you like to receive in the future?

I like Target. It could be fun to have a gift card from there in the future.