For Participants

LEGACY participants are invited to join the Breast Cancer Family Registry's Young Women's Study

The Breast Cancer Family Registry (BCFR) is an international resource of multi-generational families, data, and biospecimens established for interdisciplinary collaborative research on breast cancer. Over 40,000 women and men from nearly 15,000 families have generously contributed questionnaire data, clinical data and/or biospecimens to the BCFR since its inception in 1995. Over 150 individual investigators at all stages of their careers have used the BCFR resources, generating over 600 scientific publications.

The BCFR Young Women’s Study is the first major breast cancer research study with a specific focus on recruiting women under age 40. Over time, we will collect health information and biological samples that will be used to study how genes, lifestyle and our environment may be protective factors or risk factors for cancer in young women. We invite you to join the Young Women’s Study and become the next generation of women who will play a powerful role in our collective understanding of breast cancer!

Study participation involves completing online surveys, using a mobile app to track menstrual cycles, and providing a blood and/or saliva sample. All study components are completely voluntary.

Learn More About Young Women’s Study

LEGACY participants must be 18 years of age or older to enroll. If you are interested in enrolling or learning more about the study, contact a study coordinator at your research site