Why did you decide to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study?
I decided to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study because my friend's mom works at LEGACY and she told us about it.

What has your experience been like participating in the LEGACY Girls Study so far? What is your favorite part of a LEGACY visit?
My experience so far has been very good. Everybody has been extremely friendly and helpful. I think that my favorite part is knowing that I am doing something that might be a leading factor to ending breast cancer. (I also like using the body fat measuring machine because it looks like a steering wheel!)

Have you completed optical spectroscopy (OS, or the “light test”) at a LEGACY visit? If so, what did you think? Would you do it again? What would you say about it to another LEGACY girl that was considering it?
 I have done OS at my last LEGACY visit. It was completely painless and easy and I would do it again. I would tell another LEGACY girl that it's really easy and pain free to do, and that I would definitely do it. (Plus: you get to wear cool goggles).

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
 In my free time, I enjoy reading, drawing, spending time with my friends, and horseback riding.

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC or favorite place to visit in general, and why?
 My favorite thing to do in NYC is to ride my bike in Central Park and to explore fun restaurants. I also like the freedom that I have living in New York and the fact that I can get everywhere easily by subway.

Do you have any pets? If so, what type and what is your pet’s name?
No, sadly I do not have any pets, although I would like to have an English Bulldog!