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What is being done to address health risks and what you can do to help this crisis, starting today!

How is climate change affecting human health across the world? What needs to be done to safeguard our futures? What can you do to help this crisis, starting today?

GCCHE is proud to present Climate Clinic, a brand new podcast that will bring the latest climate and health headlines to you each week. Through four unique podcasts, we will bring you breaking climate and health headlines, in-depth discussions with experts and professionals from situations unfolding around the world, mobilize and share perspectives from the powerful student body and finally, help all health-related professionals to be the change, starting today. 

be the expert

BE THE EXPERT: What implications will climate change have on human health? How is this affecting us today? What needs to be done? Learn about the most pressing, recent developments in climate and health research, from the leading evidence-based journals in the world. Oh and what’s more – it’ll only take 15 minutes! Tune in each week to learn all you’ll need to know in order to “Be The Expert”.

code red

CODE RED - DEEP DIVE: Tune in for a deep dive into some of the most important climate and health events and field work being undertaken around the world. In this series, our hosts will chat with subject matter experts including public health officials, healthcare providers and researchers who are at the epicenter of the climate-health crisis. Each episode will aim to inspire, inform and encourage individuals and teams from all healthcare disciplines, through our interview style conversations.

be the change

BE THE CHANGE: Climate change is now considered the greatest healthcare opportunity of the 21st century. We have a chance to revolutionise how we operate our healthcare systems to both mitigate and adapt to the changing climate. Learn from and connect with the trailblazers in this field, who are paving the way for future healthcare systems. Learn, imbibe and implement – be the change your community needs!

code green

CODE GREEN (STUDENT CENTER): A podcast made by students, for students since 2020. The next generation of healthcare professionals delve into the most important climate and health issues facing our planet, providing a united voice to tackle the greatest threat of our lifetime. Tune in to Code Green on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!


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