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  • Advocate Health, GET CLIMATE SMART | ACTIONS FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: six session series for clinicians on air quality, rising temperatures, vector-borne diseases, and extreme weather

  • NHS eLearning for Healthcare, Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare (ESH) programme: 3 sessions all presented through key concepts and case studies

  • Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, offers online short-courses :UK- based online repository of short courses with case studies, followed by live workshops, Resources sorted by specialty, Price: £95 - £165 + VAT 

  • Rainer Sauerborn and Sophie-Hélène Goulet, Centre Virchow-Villermé, "Climate Change and Health", Iversity (Free & Self-Paced): For the general public but especially for health professionals given climate and health angle, 5 chapter course; country-by-country analysis, Free Course

  • World Organisation of Family Doctors, Online Course on Planetary Health for Primary Care: Website is in Portuguese but course is accessible in English, Multiple dates available as early as November 2022; see registration

  • UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Doctoring Climate Change: Air Quality, Heat-Related Illness, and Disparate Impact: Developed by Ashley McClure, MD, FACP, Objectives: cover climate change-related illnesses, examine climate change from an SDOH lens, and approaching climate change from a preventative health angle

  • The Medical Consortium on Climate and Health, previously recorded Consortium Webinars: Cover a variety of specialties; many of the sessions are recorded and available for rewatch

Medical Students

  • Climate Crisis and Clinical Medicine Virtual Elective for Medical Students: Virtual elective designed for M3 and M4 students who are interested in furthering their understanding of the intersection of the climate crisis and clinical medicine. This 4-week course will cover Climate Change and Emerging Clinical Challenges, Health Equity and Social Justice, Climate Solutions for the Healthcare Sector, and Communicating about Climate Change.



  • For patients: Nutrition for Health and Sustainability, by Future Learn: A general public resource that examines how diet affects the incidence of chronic disease, and what relationship diet and sustainability have, CPD credit offered, available in Spanish, One-time purchase cost of $44 

  • For providers: Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet: An Interactive Guide for Clinicians, by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Interactive module (slide deck based), Free Course


  • American Board of Pediatrics, "Impact of Climate Change on Pediatric Health Care”: Requires ABP profile, Access as follows: under "Activity Points," click on the blue "My Activities" button in the MOC section; then click on the "Self-Assessment (Part 2) Search" button; enter "climate" in the search field to find the activity.




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