Network Access

The School uses the CUMC campus network, which can be accessed using a wired connection or via wireless. As a general rule, users connecting to the network require a Columbia uni and password. However, the wireless "Guest Net" is available for campus visitors without Columbia login credentials.

CUMC Network Access as Faculty or Staff

Faculty and staff who need network access must first register their computers with CUMC IT. Contact a Mailman School desktop technician at 5-4357 to assist with the process. Once the computer is registered, the network is accessible on campus or off campus via CUMC's VPN solution. Access the VPN.

Guest CUMC Network Access

Mailman School guests can access the CUMC Guest Net wireless network without any Columbia credentials. Simply connect by selecting "guest-net" from the list of networks your computer's wireless card sees when within network range. There is no wired network access for guests.

Connectivity Requirements

Keep in mind that a computer will only be allowed on the network if it:

  • Has received all critical updates and patches for its operating system
  • Has up-to-date antivirus and antispyware programs running
  • Is free of viruses, trojans, and other malicious programs

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