Jeffrey Shaman on Where the Pandemic Might Take Us in 2022

Jan. 04, 2022

In a conversation with Transmission, Dr. Shaman says the actual number of infections is many times larger still and they continue to accumulate at a near-exponential pace. 

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Food Security Expert Lew Ziska Contributes to Landmark UN Climate Report

Mar. 02, 2022

Lewis Ziska was a member of a Working Group of Reviewers and contributed to a chapter that focused on diet-related mortality.

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Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

Mar. 08, 2022

Study reveals potential hidden deadly cost of climate-related disasters to injuries, infectious and parasitic diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Nine Ways Columbia Mailman Has Responded to the Pandemic

Mar. 09, 2022

Jeff Shaman's group has published influential findings on how transmission is driven by asymptomatic carriers, the human cost of delayed response, the characteristics of virus variants, and vaccine allocation and prioritization.

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Study Examines Disparities in Air Pollution Affecting Native American Communities

Mar. 23, 2022

First study to shed light on ambient particulate matter in tribal lands across the U.S.

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