20 June 2019

Lynn Freedman quoted in Vox

A new study in Reproductive Health has revealed that 1 in 6 American women are mistreated during childbirth, with rates of mistreatment even higher among women of color. AMDD Director Lynn Freedman spoke to Vox about these findings, arguing that systemic solutions are needed to address the maternal mistreatment problem, particularly among women of color: "These are broader issues of racism and other social power dynamics that then play out in health system — as well as the education, police, court systems.” Read the full article here.

21 March 2019

A critical interpretive synthesis of informal payments in maternal health care

Informal payments for healthcare are widely acknowledged as undercutting health care access, but empirical research is somewhat limited. In a new article in Health Policy and Planning, Marta Schaaf (former Deputy Director of AMDD) and Stephanie Topp summarize the evidence base on informal payments in maternal health care and critically interrogate the paradigms that are used to describe informal payments. The article is available here via open access. 

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