14 November, 2013

AMDD at GWHA’s Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health 2013

AMDD participated in Global Health Workforce Alliance’s Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Recife, Brazil from November 10th to 13th 2013.

AMDD, NYU, and the African Network of Associate Clinicians organized a panel focusing on the role of associate clinicians in efforts to achieve universal health coverage. The primary objective of this panel was to bridge the divides between developed and developing countries by sharing experiences and providing opportunities for North-South partnerships. The panel aimed to identify best practices; map out potential partnerships; and increase the professionalization and voice of associate clinicians, both regionally and globally. Panelists discussed regulatory and policy issues, training models and metrics, implementation issues, professional associations and the importance of regional networks.

13 June, 2013

Using Innovation to Highlight Abuses in the Healthcare System

AMDD’s partner organization, SAHAYOG, successfully completed a pilot of the innovative My Health, My Voice telephone hotline project in Uttar Pradesh, India.  Women can call the hotline to report cases of illicit fee requests – when they are asked to pay for maternal health care that should be free.  The project utilizes an interactive voice response system and an Ushahidi platform that maps the fee requests on an online map in real time. 

Since the hotline was established in January 2012, over 900 complaints have been made.  The project is helping to provide data that will shed light on the scope and prevalence of illicit fee requests. SAHAYOG will use this data in advocacy efforts. AMDD provided technical assistance in conducting an evaluation of the pilot, which will inform significant scale-up of the hotline in 2014.


31 May, 2013

AMDD Speaks to the Importance of Respectful Maternal Care

AMDD Director Lynn Freedman spoke in May 2013 alongside a panel of experts to discuss barriers to quality, rights-based maternal health services for women around the world. “Today we have a golden opportunity to use respectful maternal care to break new ground at the intersection of health and human rights,” said Freedman. Click here to read a summary of the event and view the panelists' presentations.

21 April, 2013

AMDD Highlights the Importance of Health in the Urban Setting

AMDD and the international nongovernmental organization, BRAC, convened a two-day symposium in a broader effort to reframe urban health programs. The two organizations brought together actors and institutions engaged with aspects of rights, development and service delivery in urban “slums” in countries of Asia, Africa and the Americas. The symposium focused on what makes service delivery programs for slum-dwellers effective as well as how to link health programs with other community-based development efforts.

11 April, 2013

The Public Health Foundation of India and AMDD Discuss the Role of Posting and Transfer in the Health System

With AMDD support, the Public Health Foundation of India convened a consultation of posting and transfers in the health sector.  Researchers and policy-makers from all over the world discussed how practices of assigning health care workers and administrators posts and transfers affect health systems. Attendees considered key drivers of poor posting and transfer practices, and conferred regarding how to promote a global research and action agenda.  

30 January, 2013

AMDD Staff Out in Full Force at the Global Maternal Health Conference

AMDD staff led sessions at the Global Maternal Health Conference in Arusha Tanzania. Their presentations focused on accountability mechanisms in the urban slum, cost and quality of care, rights-based approaches to improve maternal health, making women-centered care a reality, approaches to monitoring and evaluating maternal health programs, and defining and measuring disrespect and abuse of women during childbirth.

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