Fall 2020 Newsbrief

Blood Biomarkers May Be Associated with Higher Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer and breast cancer research during the pandemic is especially important as one in three women have delayed mammograms due to COVID-19.  Read more

An Overview of Rising CO2 and Climatic Change on Aeroallergens and Allergic Diseases

Dr. Lew Ziska lays out the dynamic between allergies and climate change, noting that our understanding of this complex relationship is subject to continuous change and requires bolstered clinical research. Read more…

Associations between historical redlining and birth outcomes in California from 2006 through 2015

While existing literature has analyzed the harmful effects of residential segregation, this study looks at the specific effects of historic redlining on birth outcomes over a recent ten-year period in California. Read more…

Does eating rice increase your risk of getting cancer?

Over 3.5 billion people worldwide depend on rice for more than 20% of their daily calories, but rice is also a source of arsenic that causes cancer. Read more

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