Equity Grant

The Mailman School of Public Health Equity Grant, administered by the Office of Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion and OSA, supports student groups at the Mailman School of Public Health in their effort to create projects and programming that advance structural competency (an understanding of the relationship between determinants of health and systemic inequality, and cultural humility) or “the ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented” (Hook, Davis, Owen, Worthington, and Utsey, 2013, p.2). This grant is available to students through a short application and proposal process. The average award is between $400 and $700.

Eligible Projects and Programming

  • Foster an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion in the academic, workplace, and practice spheres
  • Explore the relationship between hierarchies of oppression, determinants of health, and health inequity
  • Offer unique co-curricular and/or community-building activities
  • Contribute to the development of structural competency and cultural humility
  • Provide students with tools for engaging issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Cannot conflict with school wide Mailman-sponsored events.

Application Process/Guidelines

Applicants must complete this application form and attach a proposal that is no longer than three pages. Proposals must include the following:

  1. Detail description of the program and or event
  2. Statement of purpose explaining how this program or event meets the purpose of the grant
  3. A line item budget
  • Applications will be reviewed by OSA and ODCI.  
  • Events must be widely publicized. At least 2/3 of the seats must be available to the Mailman community.

Accepted Applicants

  • Cannot use funds for groceries, catering, or other food expenses
  • Must submit an evaluation/reflection of the event within two weeks of the sponsored event’s date. The one to two page report must describe the event and explain how the event met the goals of the grant. Completed evaluations/reflections are to be submitted to Room 1404 in ARB or electronically to Dr. DiAquoi, rcd60@cumc.columbia.edu