Public Health in Action Fund

Sponsored by OSA, the Public Health in Action Fund provides mini-grant opportunities to high-impact, student-led initiatives at the Mailman School that support public health awareness through

  • Leadership and/or professional development
  • Civic participation, community engagement, or outreach

High-impact programming should help students build relationships with faculty and peers, enhance co-curricular learning, and offer fresh perspectives and critical reflection on public health education through real world application.


Must be either a student collective* (at least 3 Mailman Students spearheading the initiative) or a recognized student organization through the Office of Students Affairs, an academic department, or at a university-wide level with demonstrated Mailman student membership.

*A student collective must have a formal advisor or sponsor via an academic and/or administrative department with a financial account (“chartstring”).

Selection Criteria

  1. Quality: The proposed programming must demonstrate extensive planning to provide high-impact, co-curricular learning, or developmental activities for participants.
  2. Reach: The event or activity must be created, planned, and implemented by at least 3 students and intended to serve 20+ students.
  3. Feasibility:
    1. Financial Planning/Expenditures: Applicants must contribute funds from their existing budget or advisor's budget (or performed self-generated fundraising efforts) and have solicited financial sponsorship from multiple sources.
    2. Operational Planning: Clear explanation of planning process, delegated roles/responsibilities of each e-board member/collaborating group based on relevant program delivery experience.
    3. Implementation Timeline:  Programming must be completed by the last day of classes of either the spring or fall semester.

NOTE:  Applications providing cost-effective, quality, high impact event proposals intending to engage students and faculty will have a competitive advantage.

Application and Award Process

Applications must be submitted online by one group representative by the following deadlines:

  • Spring 2017: March 3rd, 2017
  • Fall 2017: October 6th, 2017
  1. Proposals will be reviewed and approved by a committee comprised of OSA staff and Student Group leaders.
  2. Funding allotments will be approved within 5-7 business days following the application deadline and administered by OSA.
  3. Awarded groups must keep OSA informed with periodic updates regarding event planning.
  4. Post event-assessments must be completed within 2 business days following the event by one representative of each collaborating group.
  5. OSA's Public Health in Action Fund must be listed as an official co-sponsor on all advertisements (official logo will be provided).