Community Standards

Essential to the mission of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health is community-wide adherence to the highest level of ethical and professional conduct. In addition to standards that guide our community’s work and interactions, training in matters of ethics and professionalism is an integral part of the education of every student at Columbia Mailman and is necessary for entrance into the public health profession.

Resources to Support Emotional Health, Well-being, and Safety

Alma Mater statue on Columbia Campus
Campus Resources in Times of Crisis

Sexual Violence Response

SVR provides trauma-informed, confidential support, and prevention programs focused on ending gender and power-based violence.

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Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office provides a safe space for faculty, students, staff and affiliates to confidentially discuss work-related issues, academic concerns, clarification of policies and many other concerns and issues.

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Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

EOAA has overall responsibility for the management of the University’s Employee Policies and Procedures on Discrimination.

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Office of the University Chaplain

The University Chaplain works collaboratively with both University and Religious Life, to foster learning spaces for political, ethical, religious, spiritual dialogue and raising intercultural awareness.

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