All graduates (October, February and May) who plan to attend the May graduation ceremonies must wear academic regalia to both the Mailman and all-university Commencement ceremonies. When purchasing Regalia, please be sure to ensure a tassel was included with your mortarboard.

Ordering and Pick-up

Master’s Students (MPH, MHA, and MS)

Masters candidates at Columbia University and its affiliated institutions wear a cap (mortarboard) with tassel and gown; no hood is used. Graduates must purchase regalia from the Columbia University Bookstore.

Master’s regalia is $72 and not available for rental. 

  • In-store: Regalia may be purchased beginning March 8 
  • Online: Orders may be placed beginning March 13 and ending April 29 to be directly shipped to the student by visiting 

Doctoral students (PhD and DrPH)

Doctoral recipients wear a gown, hood and velvet tam (cap). All three components are required in order to walk in all commencement ceremonies.

Doctoral regalia can be reserved online or in-store. A full set of doctoral regalia is $198: Gown Rental, Hood Rental, Tam Purchase.  

  • In-store: Regalia may be reserved through April 11th without incurring a late fee.  In-store pickup and ship-to-home options are available. 
  • Online: Orders may be placed beginning March 13 and ending April 7 by visiting Doctoral rental regalia will be available for pickup in-store beginning May 5.  A ship-to-home option is not available online.