The Mailman School of Public Health confers degrees three times a year – October, February, and May. In order to have one’s degree conferred and participate in the commencement ceremony, Master's and DrPH students must file an application. All applications will be reviewed by both the academic department and the Office of Enrollment Management.

The application deadlines for each of the degree conferrals are as follows:

  • October: August 1st
  • February: December 1st
  • May: February 1st

The Mailman School of Public Health has one commencement ceremony per year, which is held in May and referred to as Class Day. October, February, and May graduates are encouraged to attend and can expect to receive information about regalia, tickets, and other Class Day details beginning in March. Information and updates on commencement activities will be sent via email, and it is important that students are subscribed to receive email communication. Information will also be posted online

Graduation Application Process

Master's and DrPH students apply for degree conferral on Student Services Online (SSOL). PhD students do not file a graduation application with the Mailman School of Public Health and should instead follow the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences guidelines on Distribution, Defense, and Deposit of the Dissertation. Students should review the information below before applying for degree conferral.

For Master's Students

  • Review Your Stellic Audit to ensure all requirements are being met. All substitutions and waivers should be indicated. If your Stellic Audit is incorrect or you have any questions, contact the Office of Enrollment Management. A full audit will be completed as part of the degree conferral process. 
  • Apply for degree conferral on Student Services Online (SSOL). Helpful steps for applying on SSOL available below. 

For PhD Students

For DrPH Students

At or near their degree's end, DrPH students must complete an integrative learning experience (ILE). This may take the form of a traditional dissertation. As procedures and expectations may vary between academic departments, students are required to work with their department to ensure timely and proper completion of all ILE requirements for the DrPH. In addition to applying for degree conferral on Student Services Online (SSOL), conferral of the DrPH degree requires confirmation of a completed ILE. DrPH students should follow the steps outlined below for defending and depositing their ILE, unless instructed by their department to follow a different process.

Finalizing the Defense 

  1. The Defense of Dissertation form must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services by the student's academic department indicating a successful defense of the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE).
  2. The Office of Enrollment Services must receive confirmation of successful completion of any required revisions (Minor or Major) to the ILE by the department academic director or chairperson of the committee.
  3. Students must complete the Deposit of ILE to ProQuest. 

Deposit of the ILE to ProQuest
The ILE deposit, not the defense, is the final requirement. Students may only deposit when all revisions are complete and with approval from their academic department. 
There are two steps to completing the deposit - these steps can be done in any order, but the deposit is only considered finalized when both steps are complete:

  1. Complete the required Survey of Earned Doctorates
  2. Upload and submit a PDF copy of your ILE to ProQuest ETD Administrator
    1. There are specific formatting requirements for the ILE following the same guidelines placed on PhD dissertations. Visit the GSAS website to view the guide to formatting

Faculty and staff do their best to provide feedback regarding formatting and other matters as quickly as possible, but it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all steps of the deposit are completed in time for degree conferral, including a correctly formatted Integrative Learning Experience.

Apply for Degree Conferral in SSOL (Master's and DrPH Students)

To receive a diploma and have program completion reflected on a transcript, students need to apply for degree conferral on Student Services Online (SSOL). To submit the application, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click Degree App Status
    Log into SSOL and click “Degree App Status” on the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click Apply for Degree or Certification. Students must also include a Diploma Address.
    Select the button labeled “Apply for Degree or Certification.” Please note a diploma address must be provided before an application can be completed. You will be prompted to supply one if one is not already available. If unsure, enter a current address and change at a later date. Do not delay submitting your application waiting to confirm a Diploma Address.


  3. Complete all requested Personal Information.
    Complete the graduation application by:
    1. Selecting your intended graduation date.
    2. Selecting the program, you are graduating from (including degree and certificate or track if applicable)
    3. Submitting all requested Personal Info. 
      1. Enter your First, Middle and Last Name as you would like it to appear on your diploma as well as the Mailman School of Public Health Class Day program. 
      2. For email address, please make sure to enter a personal (or permanent) email address. Students should not enter their Columbia assigned university email.
  4. Upon completion, degree status will be marked as “Submitted” until the degree conferral date.  

Other Helpful Details

  • Diplomas are mailed to your diploma address, which can be updated in SSOL. Diplomas are received within two months of the graduation date. Questions regarding the diploma should be sent to
  • Students must complete all requirements for their degree to be conferred. 
  • Students should continue to check their Columbia assigned email account, as official conferral-related announcements will be sent here.
  • Questions? Email the Office of Enrollment Management