Staff Award in Excellence

The Mailman School of Public Health is the professional home of many extremely talented people who bring commitment and integrity to work within and outside of the classroom. Even during a time of change in academic public health, our staff and faculty help create an environment that supports education and research on the most important health issues of our time and make themselves allies to our students, alumni, and our neighbors who look to the Mailman School as an institutional pace-setter among high performing institutions.

Each year, the School presents awards to staff and faculty whose service to this community sustains this example of excellence. View All Faculty Awards

The School recognizes exceptional contributions with the Dean’s Excellence in Leadership Award, the Dean’s Excellence in Mentoring Award, and the Staff Excellence Awards. All of these awards are presented at the annual State of the School address.

2023 Staff Award Winners. Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff.

2023 Staff Award Winners. Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff.


  • Jennifer Cameron, Senior Director, Office of Faculty and Human Resources
  • Wanda Garcia, Program Officer, Department of Population and Family Health
  • Auxiliadora “Dora” Gonzalez, Operations Manager, Facilities Operations
  • Kimesha Guevara, Director, Research Administration, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
  • Getachew Kassa, Senior Staff Associate I, ICAP at Columbia
  • Charles Liriano, Director, Financial Aid, Office of Student Services
  • Rosine Moussa, Center Administrator, The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center
  • Julianne Parker, Associate Director of General Public Health, Office of Education
  • Beth Silvestrini, Director, Professional Education, Department of Health and Policy Management
  • David Takassi, Finance Project Manager, ICAP at Columbia
  • Cecilia Vasquez, Human Resources Manager, Department of Epidemiology
  • Caitlin Warthin, Assistant Director, Department of Population and Family Health


  • Mayela Arana, Associate Director, Region 2 Public Health Training Center, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
  • Ashley Bogosian, Director of Research Administration, Department of Population and Family Health
  • Lokendrasingh Chauhan, Senior Staff Associate & HCL (BSL-3) Manager, Center for Infection and Immunity
  • Yasmin Davis, Administrative Manager, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
  • Weijia Fan, Data Analyst, Department of Biostatistics
  • Anne Foulke-Toner, Associate Director of Digital Strategy, Office of Communications
  • Elizabeth Francese, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Nina Kulacki, Director of Academic Programs & PrIMER, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Joey Platt, Senior Project Officer, ICAP at Columbia
  • Lauren Sagnella, Director of Special Events, Office of the Dean
  • Rebecca Schoenfeld, Assistant Director of Marketing and People Engagement, Department of Health Policy and Management
  • Manidipa Sengupta, Financial Coordinator, Department of Epidemiology
  • Henryne Tobias, Assistant Director, Office of Career Services
  • Sarah Tooley, Director of Student Support Services, Office of Student Affairs
  • Jennifer Zech, Senior Project Officer, ICAP at Columbia


2021 – 2010


Reina Burdie, Department Administrator, Epidemiology

Calvin Copeland, Desktop Tech, Deans Office IT

Carlos Correa, Assistant Director, Office of Student Affairs

Anthony Guerrero, Grants Manager, Department of Biostatistics

Westley T. Holiday, Project Manager, Office of the Dean

Craig Kandell, Project Coordinator 1, Research Resources

Cynthia Rubiera, Human Resources and Payroll Manager, Health Policy & Management

Rita k. Sondengam, Research Site Manager, ICAP/ Bronx Prevention Center

Raquel Sotelo, Manager of Grants & Finance, Environmental Health Sciences

Estela Vallejo, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs


  • Edmund Asiedu, Office of Educational Programs
  • Stephanie Berger, Office of Communications
  • Tessa Bloomquist, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Idelsi Botex, Dean’s Office     
  • Ivy Chen, Department of Biostatics
  • Adi Clerman, Office of Educational Programs
  • Andrea Constancio, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
  • Mirtha DelValle, Department of Epidemiology
  • Leticia Froix, ICAP at Columbia
  • Gerald Govia, Department of Epidemiology
  • Justine Herrera, Department of Biostatics
  • Chelsea A. Kolff, Department of Population and Family Health
  • Fernando Luque, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Simon Mak, Office of Information Technology
  • Christine McPherson, Office of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources
  • James Ng, Center for Infection and Immunity
  • Rebecca Sale, Department of Health and Policy Management
  • Joseph Stegemerten, ICAP at Columbia
  • Amina Williams, Department of Health and Policy Management 


  • Abigail L. Welbourn, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Vesna Ilievski, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Dilenny Roca-Dominguez, Department of Epidemiology
  • Dwayne Dixon, Office of Information Technology
  • Allison M. Kanas, Center for Infection and Immunity
  • Alleen Batista, Office of Finance
  • Irma Rosario, Dean’s Office               
  • Caitlin Hawke, Butler Columbia Aging Center                       
  • Ana Jimenez-Bautista, Department of Population and Family Health
  • Lourdes R. Pilapil, Health and Policy Management
  • Lauren Westley, Office of Educational Programs
  • Paul McCullough, Office of Educational Programs
  • Troy Hoffman, Office of Educational Programs
  • Joanna Plunkett, International Center for AIDS and Treatment Programs (ICAP)
  • Iryna Sirosh, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Brian Brennan, Office of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources
  • Nitanya Nedd, Department of Sociomedical Sciences


  • Richard, Buchsbaum, Biostatistics
  • Gail Garbowski, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Jody Grunfeld, Office of Finance
  • Darrell Holmes, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Ebony King, Epidemiology
  • Maria O'Brien, Dean's Office
  • Emily Puckart, ICAP
  • Michelle Rivera-Lopez, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Marnie Selman, Health Policy & Management
  • Abe Thomas, Office of Finance


  • Brian Brennan, Human Resources
  • Cristiane Costa, ICAP
  • Catherine Hardy, Biostatistics
  • Carey McHugh, Health Policy & Management
  • Nida Raja, Dean's Office
  • Leinne Ramirez, Population and Family Health
  • Bernice Ramos-Perez, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Marta Schaaf, Population and Family Health
  • Roberta Sutton, ICAP
  • Maiko Yomogida, Sociomedial Sciences


  • Corey Adams, Biostatistics
  • Karen Burke, Health Policy & Management
  • Mkeba Cason, ICAP
  • Mary Fiore, Institutional Advancement
  • Averie Gachuhi, ICAP
  • Laura Goldenkranz, Epidemiology
  • Nina Kulacki, Environmental Health Sciences
  • ​Shanon McNab, Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health
  • ​Gilbert Smith, Center for Infection and Immunity


  • Yasmin Davis, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Jimmy Duong, Biostatistics
  • Joseph Korevec, Office of Student Affairs
  • Kiki Korikis, Epidemiology
  • Dori Lorsch, Health Policy & Management
  • Timothy Paul, Communications
  • Margaret Schmitt, Population & Family Health
  • Wei Jia Wang, Environmental Health Sciences


  • Joanne Bowman, Human Resources
  • Kimesha Guevara, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Catherine Hardy, Biostatistics
  • Anna Medina, Population & Family Health
  • Christina McCarthy, Epidemiology
  • Katherine Rochmat, Center for Infection and Immunity
  • Suzue Saito, ICAP
  • Snowden Wright, Health Policy & Management


  • Barbara Aaron, Epidemiology
  • Ashley Bogosian, Research Operations, ICAP
  • Susan Cohen, Health Policy & Management
  • Maria Gonzalez, Population & Family Health
  • Deborah Horowitz, ICAP
  • Sonia Lyn, Biostatistics
  • Elizabeth Sung, Office of Career Services


  • Betsey Asher, Office of Student Affairs
  • Olgica Balac, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Sara Casey, Population & Family Health
  • Elizabeth Ferrari, Epidemiology
  • Justine Herrera, Biostatistics
  • Toya Smith, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Telesfora Valdellon, National Center for Children in Poverty


  • Farah Burnett, Office of Student Affairs
  • Anthony Diaz, Epidemiology
  • Adnan Divjan, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Kim Norland, Population & Family Health
  • Jennifer Paulk, ICAP
  • Helena Rincon, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Rachel Sabb, Health Policy & Management


  • Luis Acosta, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Emily Alexandrino, Epidemiology
  • Tanya Dominguez, Dean's Office
  • Luminta Hellman, Biostatistics
  • Ana Jimenez-Bautista, Population & Family Health
  • Andrea Nye, Sociomedical Sciences
  • Dahlia Rivera, Health Policy & Management