Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Experts from Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health have partnered with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, a global pharmaceuticals company, to provide targeted epidemiological analysis, clinical research expertise, and educational programming to support Otsuka's Global Pharmacovigilance (GPV) unit. Efforts will be focused on the GPV's work in key therapeutic areas, and researchers will work to advance Otsuka's academic publications on post-marketing surveillance. The collaboration will draw on the extensive expertise of Columbia Mailman and Irving Medical Center faculty to inform existing Otsuka efforts on post-marketing safety and effectiveness studies, the development of data registries, and investigations of rare exposures and outcomes. 

Columbia Mailman faculty will also engage in providing education for Otsuka’s global employee base, designing and leading workshops, courses, webinars, and a semi-monthly seminar series on topics of mutual relevance. Courses will include sessions in epidemiology and biostatistics, and programs will be open to all of Otsuka’s pharmacovigilance and clinical staff. This training and educational program will build capacity among Otsuka’s global pharmacovigilance staff and empower them to more effectively support GPV needs.

Project Timeline: 3 years

Collaborating Department: Epidemiology

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