Columbia MPH

The Columbia MPH and Accelerated MPH programs offer students the education necessary to lead in the public health sphere of tomorrow. The innovative structure provides the landscape through which students engage with world-class faculty and colleagues from across the globe. The experience weaves together components from the core curriculum, the practicum experience, certificate courses, and more to provide students with the tools needed to tackle public health issues at the local, national, and global level.

Learn more about the semester-by-semester experience below:

First Semester

The program begins on Monday, August 26th. Based on a cohort educational model, the Columbia MPH and the Accelerated MPH engage students in active learning across multiple dimensions. Cohorts of students capture a range of interests across public health disciplines. The integrated fall semester includes a seamless progression through the 16 modules of the Core and the case-based Integration of Science and Practice (ISP) course. Public health problems and solutions are analyzed through a lens that incorporates theoretical and practical components. Each element fosters the development of competencies through week-by-week and semester-long integration. Once a week, students break into interdisciplinary groups and meet with faculty for active, cross-cutting, case-based learning.  

Second Semester

As students move through their first year, they shift into their departmental courses and continue case-based learning through the ISP. They also receive intensive leadership training through the Leadership course in the spring semester, which focuses on teamwork, leadership, and innovation in public health. Students learn how to work effectively in both large and small teams while embracing the complexity and diversity of working in complex systems and organizations as a window into true public health practice. Seminars and professional events augment the academic experience and allow students to meet and connect with each other across disciplines. Students also prepare for their practicum through a wide range of activities from the departments and the Integrative Practicum Experience (IPE).


Students in the Accelerated Program continue into a required Summer session and practicum. At the end of the this period,  their MPH is complete.

Students in the Columbia MPH engage in a summer practicum and continue on to a second year.

Year Two for Columbia MPH

In year two, Columbia MPH students continue with departmental coursework and move into their certificate concentrations over a third and/or fourth semester.

  • Global students complete a six-month practicum over Summer and Fall and return for a second Spring semester
  • All other Columbia MPH students enroll full-time in a second Fall and a second Spring term