Dual Degrees

The Mailman School offers dual degrees in partnership with eight Columbia University schools for a total of ten degree combinations with our Master of Public Health program. Dual-degree students are required to complete a total of 42 public health credits for the MPH. Once accepted into the programs, dual-degree students may begin their coursework at the Mailman School or their partner schools, although we strongly recommend students begin coursework at their partner schools. Most dual-degree students can expect to complete the majority of the MPH in their year of residence at the Mailman School. However many departments require a culminating experience (thesis, master essay, capstone, etc.) or practicum, so we do not recommend that students spend their final year of dual-degree study at the Mailman School. Dual-degree students typically complete these additional requirements through cross-registration while enrolled at their partner schools.

Dual-degree students should note:

  • All students in the dual-degree programs will spend consecutive Fall and Spring semesters registered at the Mailman School earning a minimum of 33 (and maximum of 42) credits.
  • The MPH Core Curriculum, which all MPH students take during their fall semester, constitutes 18 of the required credits and cannot be waived, substituted, or taken out of sequence. With prior planning and permission, Mailman School department course requirements can, on occasion, be substituted for partner school courses. However, the total number of required public health credits (42) will not reduce.
  • Students generally complete any remaining Public Health coursework (if any and no more than 9 credits) through cross-registration while in residence and while paying tuition at their partner schools. Alternatively, students may choose to register for a summer term with Public Health following their fall and spring semesters. This option incurs an additional, flat-rate tuition and allows a student to take up to 9 credits.
  • Dual-degree students should work closely with the Office of Student Affairs to ensure proper registration.
  • Certificate programs are not available to dual-degree students.
  • Tuition information is hosted centrally by Columbia University Student Financial Services. Mailman-specific fees are outlined here.

Additional information on dual degree program requirements can be found in our Student Handbook.

Dual Degree Options

A listing of approved and available dual degree programs with Columbia affiliates can be found here.