Accelerated MPH

The Accelerated MPH is an intensive, one-year program designed for highly motivated professionals seeking to enhance their career with a degree in public health. The curriculum is similar to the innovative curriculum of the two-year Columbia MPH, but completed in one year (Fall, Spring, Summer). The typical Accelerated MPH student has earned a doctoral degree (such as an MD, DDS, PhD, DNSc, EdD), is a doctoral student within 24 months of completing the degree, or has five years of related work or research experience. (See also the School's General Public Health Program.)

The structure of the one-year degree program includes five components: the Core, Integration of Science and Practice, Leadership, Practicum, and a Discipline. Note that students in this program do not earn certificiates.


A central component of your coursework will be in the discipline or academic department that you choose as the focus of your studies. The department (discipline) is your academic hub: the place where you build your primary professional expertise, home to your faculty adviser, the focus of your capstone project or thesis and practicum, and a community you can tap into while at Columbia and long after you graduate.

Every department at the Mailman School places a strong emphasis on teaching and mentorship—and not only in class. Outside the classroom, accessible and engaged faculty mentors guide your academic path, open doors to research opportunities, and nurture your career goals


Students in the Accelerated program have a number of options for completing their practicum. Students may consider conducting their practicum during the Spring semester, Summer, or a combination of both. A "full-time" practicum during the month of January is another option. Students should consult with their departments on which option works best for them and their academic programs. Note: the grid below illustrates only the Summer option.

See Accelerated MPH Departmental Curricular Grids for entering 2019 students:

Tuition Model and Financial Aid

Accelerated students should consider their departmental curriculuar grids (above) for the Spring and Summer terms, as they are important components of the financial aid package for the Spring and Summer semesters. Accelerated MPH students should consult their program guides when selecting courses. Accelerated students are required to take a minimum of 42 credits to graduate, but may take up to 45 under the flat tuition model for full-time Accelerated students. Any courses taken over the 45-credit limit must be paid for on a per credit basis. The summer courses as described in your program are included in the flat-tuition rate, but must not exceed 45 credits. Please contact Admissions and Financial Aid with tuition or financial aid questions.

Work Commitments

During the first semester of the Columbia MPH and the Accelerated MPH, while engaging in the integrated core, students are strongly advised against extra-curricular work commitments. In second, third, and fourth semesters of the program, schedules are more flexible and students may engage in some part-time work.