Practicum Support

Field Practice, part of the Office of Careers and Practice, provides an array of resources to support and promote student participation in public health field-practice, including the administration of various School-wide components of the required practicum. Filed Practice works with all academic departments and programs, and develops inter-disciplinary practice sites available to students across the School. The Office of Careers and Practice is co-directed by Linda F. Cushman, Associate Dean for Field Practice and Heather Krasna, Assistant Dean and Director, Career Services,

The required practicum for all accredited schools and programs of public health in the United States consists of “a planned, supervised and evaluated practice experience (as part of their) public health professional degree program.” The practicum allows you to explore your passion and gain real world skills, as well as apply classroom teachings in a field setting of your choice. During your practicum you will focus on several competencies set by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH) as well as some set by your department.

Examples of previous practicum projects include:

  • Curriculum and training Development at Young Men's Health Initiative

  • Community Needs Assessment for a UNICEF WASH program in Laos

  • Program evaluation at Planned Parenthood

  • Evaluation of an HIV prevention intervention in Rakai, Uganda

  • School Health Vision Project, NYC Office of School Health, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • Development of a health assessment process for use at a refugee camp in Jordan

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