Exposomics - Gary Miller

Gary Miller is Vice Dean of Research Strategy and Innovation and directs the Center for Innovative Exposomics, and the Exposomics Laboratory and Core.

Pivotal Work

Dr. Miller has been a leading voice for the concept of the exposome, the environmental equivalent of the human genome, defined as the cumulative measure of environmental influences and associated biological responses throughout the lifespan. He started the first exposome-based research center in the U.S and authored the first book on the topic, The Exposome: A Primer published by Elsevier.

Current Precision Prevention Work 

Dr. Miller proposes that adding the exposome to precision prevention would be a monumental advance. Dr. Miller’s own research explores how the total of all exposures throughout an individual’s life can impact their resulting health, with a specific focus on neurotoxicology and Parkinson’s disease. He has worked with engineers, biochemists, system biologists, and clinicians to develop animal models in mice and C. elegans worms to understand the impact of multiple low-level chemical exposures on brain circuitry.