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Student Stories: Vienna Mcleod

To get an idea of what it's like to work with our group, watch a feature on one of our former Master's students, Vienna Mcleod (center) on the "Student Stories" section of the Mailman website

Accelerated risk: Cancer and Obesity

Read about Dr. Greenlee's work linking previous cancer diagnosis to increased risk of obesity from the University website here, and also on CBS News.

Obesity More Prevalent in Survivors, Especially Those Who Had Breast or Colorectal Cancer

Read a recent feature on our work in Oncology Nursing News, 2016

Heather Greenlee: Promoting veggies, and acupuncture, to help cope with cancer

Dr. Greenlee spoke with STAT about how to wisely choose products outside the world of conventional medicine. 

Stat news, April 2016

Use of complementary, alternative medicine affects initiation of chemotherapy

Read Science Daily's report on Dr. Greenlee's group's recent paper in JAMA Oncology.

Science Daily, May 2016


The 2x2 project: Programs to Improve Diets May Miss a Cultural Ingredient

"In the U.S., low-income, ethnic minorities are more likely to be obese and thus at risk for a variety of chronic illnesses compared to white Americans. While public health efforts often focus on promoting healthier diets and improving access to grocery stores, they may miss their mark if they do not address a key ingredient: culture." Read more at the 2x2 Project, January 2015.

Assessing Complementary Medicine

Read about Dr. Greenlee's work on the new set of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the use of Integrative Therapies here.

Transmission, 2014


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