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Cook For Your Life started in 2007 after founder, Ann Ogden, was in treatment for her second cancer diagnosis, triple negative breast cancer. Ann took a break from her successful career in fashion to focus on her treatment. Suddenly immersed in the world of hospitals and cancer treatment, she became aware of how little her chemo buddies knew about healthy food. Growing up with an Italian mother from a family of chefs and a father who was a Master Baker she was easily able to adapt recipes to help her cope with side effects and eat well even on the worst days. But for her treatment friends it was a different story. She started giving cooking tips and advice, which eventually led to her first free hands-on cooking class.

Find out more about Cook For Your Life on their website. The Cook For Your Life mission is to teach healthy cooking to people touched by cancer.  They offer classes, courses and programs in the New York City metropolitan area.

Tisch Food Center, Columbia University Teacher's College

The Tisch Food Center cultivates research about connections between a just, sustainable food system and healthy eating, and translates it into recommendations and resources for educators, policy makers, and community advocates. The Center focuses on schools as critical levers for learning and social change. 
Read more about the Tisch Food Center on their website.


The Mailman Obesity Prevention Initiative provides leadership, organizational support, and coordination to foster new scientific approaches to population-level obesity research. Our goal is to discover evidence for effective societal approaches for obesity prevention.

  • Create interdisciplinary working groups to synthesize and evaluate the existing evidence base and identify inferences, knowledge gaps, and, most important, future directions to stop the epidemic

  • Integrate the multiple factors of different scientific systems to identify and address the drivers, determinants, and solutions of energy imbalance and excess weight gain

  • Develop what is necessary, what is sufficient, and what investments are needed to present a meaningful return on investment

  • Sustain research and engage the community and policymakers within and beyond public health, forming coalitions that develop effective solutions

  • Foster collaborative research, expand infrastructure, partner with outside organizations, and generate training opportunities

  • Establish the Mailman School as a go-to knowledge hub—a center of excellence—and a leader in obesity prevention at the population level

Read more about the Obesity Prevention Initiative here.

The Pathways Study

The Pathways Study is a longitudinal cohort study of 4,505 women with breast cancer diagnosed within Kaiser Permanente Northern California (R01CA15274 PI: Kushi, U01CA195565 MPI, Kushi, Ambrosone).  The primary aims of the study are to examine the effects of lifestyle factors on breast cancer prognosis and survival.  Study participants provide detailed information about diet, physical activity and use of complementary and alternative therapies. 

To read more, please visit or read more about our collaborating scientists, Dr's Lawrence Kushi, ScD, and Marilyn Kwan, PhD. 

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