The Climate and Health Program is among the first in the world to harness the intellectual resources of a major university in addressing what is likely to be one of the major public health challenges of this century.  Our relevant and timely work is critical for advancing  society’s capacity to anticipate and manage the health effects of climate change that could affect the lives of millions of people around the world in coming decades.

The program’s continued success depends on leveraging resources from individuals, foundations, corporations and government research institutes.   Every gift is greatly appreciated and has a meaningful impact on our research, training and service efforts.

You may choose how your gift is directed by selecting from the following options:

•    general support
•    student scholarships
•    a specific research project
•    service and outreach

For more information and to discuss how your gift can have the greatest impact, please contact:

Dr. Jeffrey L. Shaman
Director, Climate and Health Program