Katherine Ornstein

Katherine Ornstein

Katherine Ornstein

Adjunct Assistant Professor



Katherine Ornstein PhD MPH is on the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Mount Sinai in the Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine and the Institute for Translational Epidemiology. Her research interests include caregiving, symptom burden, and home-based primary and palliative care. Her current work applies a social epidemiologic framework to palliative care research by linking existing national and international databases to determine how treatment intensity, including hospice care, for patients with serious illness impacts the health and healthcare utilization of family members.


PhD, 2011, Columbia University
MPH, 2000, UNC Chapel Hill
BA, 1996, Duke University

Select Global Activities

How does serious illness and end-of-life care impact caregiving families? The use of international registry data to enhance family-based studies in palliative care research, Denmark

Select Publications

Ornstein, K., Teresi, J., Ocepek-Welikson , K., Ramirez, M. Meier, D., Morrison, R.S., & Siu, A. (2015) Use of an item bank to develop two short-form FAMCARE scales to measure family satisfaction in the setting of serious illness. J Pain and Symptom Management, 49(5):894-903. PMID: 25546287
Reckrey, J., Soriano, T., Hernandez, C., DeCherrie, L., Chavez, S., Zhang, M. & Ornstein, K. (2015). The Team Approach to Home-Based Primary Care: Restructuring Care to Meet Patient, Program, and System Needs. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 63(2):358-64. PMID: 25645568.
Ornstein, K., DeCherrie, L., Gluzman, R., Scott, E., Kansal, J., Shah, T., Katz, R. & Soriano, T. (2015). Significant unmet oral health needs among the homebound elderly. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 63(1):151-7. PMID: 25537919
Ornstein, K., Wajnberg, A., Kaye-Kauderer, H., Winkel, G., Decherrie, L., Zhang, M. & Soriano, T. (2013). Reduction in symptoms for homebound patients receiving home-based primary and palliative care. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 16(9), 1048-1054. PMID: 23746230
Ornstein, K., Gaugler, J.E., Devanand, D., Scarmeas, N., Zhu, C. & Stern Y. (2012). The differential impact of unique behavioral and psychological symptoms for the dementia caregiver: how and why do patients' individual symptom clusters impact caregiver depressive symptoms? American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 21(12), 1277-1286. PMID: 24206939.
Ornstein, K., Leff, B., Covinsky, K., Ritchie, C., Federman, A., Roberts, L., Kelley, A., Siu, A.L., & Szanton, S. (2015) The epidemiology of the homebound population in the United States. JAMA Internal Medicine. 175(&): 1180-1186. PMID:26010119
Ornstein, K.A, Aldridge, M.D., Garrido, M.M., Gorges, R., Meier, D.E., & Kelley, A.S. (2015) Association between hospice use and depressive symptoms in surviving spouses. JAMA Internal Medicine. 175(7): 1138-1146. PMID:26009859

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