Faculty in the News

Mailman School of Public Health faculty are renowned scientists, practitioners, and educators working on the forefront of critical public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. They are frequently called upon by journalists to discuss their work and to comment on vital issues and events of our day.


Map of Gun Deaths Across the U.S. Shows Cities Have Lower Rates than Rural Counties
April 26

Finding the Origin of a Pandemic Is Difficult. Preventing One Shouldn't Be.
(Op-Ed by W. Ian Lipkin)
April 25

What Older Voters Say About Biden 2024: From ‘He’s Fine’ to ‘Oh, God’
April 24

Over-the-Counter Narcan Will Save Lives - Once We Know How to Use It
(Op-Ed by Michael McNeil)
April 14

Research with Exotic Viruses Risks a Deadly Outbreak
April 10

I’m a Longevity Expert. Here’s Why I Tell My Students to Read the Obits
(Op-ed by Dean Linda P. Fried)
April 7

Eight Bold Agenda Items for the World Health Organization As It Turns 75
April 6

Allergy Season Is Getting Worse And Here’s Why
April 1


The Americans Who Have Lived Through Multiple Mass shootings
March 30

Mourning Family and Climate Change in the Age of Loss and Damage
(Op-ed by Robbie M. Parks)
March 30

Being 'Socially Frail' Comes with Health Risks for Older Adults 
March 21

Can the Increase in Higher Education Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Solve Health Disparities?
March 21

NYC's Rats Found Infected with Virus That Causes COVID
March 10 

Air Pollution ‘Speeds Up Osteoporosis’ in Postmenopausal Women 
March 10 

Bringing Fresh Produce to New York’s Correctional Facilities 
(Op-Ed co-authored by Bob Fullilove
March 10 

The Way We Eat Could Add Nearly 1 Degree of Warming by 2100
March 6


Extreme Heat Is a Health Crisis, Columbia Experts Say
February 27 

Just How Dangerous Is the Ohio Derailment Disaster?
February 22

Big Soda’s Alcohol Drinks Worry Health Experts
February 21

Gut Microbiomes Offer Insights into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
February 21

This Deadly Chemical Should be Banned
(op-ed co-authored by David Rosner, Gerald Markowitz and Rebecca Fuoco) 
February 19

We Have the Resources: Let’s Finish the Job of Ending AIDS 
(op-ed by Wafaa El-Sadr
February 17 

How Repeat Exposure to Shootings like Michigan State’s Traumatizes Young People 
(op-ed co-authored by Charlie Branas, Sonali Rajan, and Mark S. Kaplan)
February 16

How Deadly Was China’s Covid Wave? 
February 15


Mpox is Almost Gone in the U.S., Leaving Lessons and Mysteries in Its Wake 
January 31

These Homes Replaced Their Gas Stoves—and Saw a Huge Drop in Indoor Pollution
January 31

The Cruel Tyranny of Sick Notes 
January 25 

Flavored Cannabis Marketing Is Criticized for Targeting Kids
January 19 

No, Gas Stoves Aren’t Being Banned. But They Still May Pose Health Risks
January 19 

In Politics, How Old Is Too Old?
January 13