Faculty in the News

Mailman School of Public Health faculty are renowned scientists, practitioners, and educators working on the forefront of critical public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. They are frequently called upon by journalists to discuss their work and to comment on vital issues and events of our day.


When Does ‘Old Age’ Begin? Public Perception May Be Skewing Later
NBC News, April 23


Majority Latino City Endures Years of Toxic Water in Health ‘Crisis’
Washington Post, April 18


How Pregnancy May Speed Up the Aging Process
The Washington Post, April 18

Following the MIND Diet May Help Slow Aging and Lower Dementia Risk
Yahoo News, April 18


Super Strong Pollen
NBC News, April 17

Public Health, Health Care Policy and Health Care Spending
Sirius XM The Perri Peltz Show, April 12

There’s Still No Standard Test to Detect Pancreatic Cancer Early
CNN, April 8

Zambia’s Deadly Cholera Outbreak Offers Lessons for Our Warming World
(Op-Ed by Tafadzwa Dzinamarira and Chalomba Chitanika)
The Hill, April 7


Did You Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms Early Peak Bloom? It Was a Warning Sign.
National Geographic, March 26

A Liquid-Only Diet Before a Colonoscopy Is Unnecessary (Op-Ed by Benjamin Lebwohl)
STAT News, March 19

5 Surprising Ways for Introverts to Thrive at Work
Forbes, March 17

The Science Is Clear. Over 30,000 People Have Died in Gaza (Op-Ed by Les Roberts)
Time Magazine, March 15


Breaking the Stigma: Overcoming Loneliness
CBS News, March 7

Prisoners in Texas and Florida Face Biggest Risk of Increasingly Deadly Heat
The Guardian, March 5

Assessing Gain-of-Function’s Cost-Benefit
Politico, March 1

Do We Just Not Care About Old People?
USA Today, March 1


What to Know about Lead Exposure in Children
The New York Times, February 27


A Doctor’s Lifelong Quest to Solve One of Pediatric Medicine’s Greatest Mysteries
The New York Times, February 27


Opinion: California Faces An Uphill Battle Against Plastic 
(Op-ed co-authors include David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz)
Los Angeles Times, February 22


Is Marijuana Bad for Health? Here's What We Know So Far
Scientific American, February 20


Black Women Are Six Times More Likely To Be Killed Than White Women
NBC News, February 9


Thousands of Seniors Are Still Dying of Covid-19. Do We Not Care Anymore?
CNN, February 8


You Took a Pot Gummy. How Long Do You Have to Wait to Drive?
The Wall Street Journal, February 6


CDC Anti-Smoking Campaign Takes Aim at Menthol Cigarettes
CNN, February 5


First Opinion: What the Pope Is Missing About Commercial Surrogacy 
(Op-Ed by Robert Klitzman)
STAT, January 31

Millions of Americans Face Risk of a Toxic ‘Bomb Train’
Washington Post, January 29

Dope Ropes, THC Doritos Reflect Our Patchwork Pot Laws 
USA Today, January 26

Menthol Cigarette Ban Still Uncertain
CNN, January 24


The Downside of a Longer Life: More Time Spent Sick
Wall Street Journal, January 17

New York’s Good Samaritan Law Reveals Structural Racism in its Drug Policy (Op-Ed by John R. Pamplin II)
PBS, January


COVID’s 4th anniversary: Efforts Underway to Prevent the Next Pandemic 
USA Today, January 1