Department Seminars

Epidemiology Department Seminars, held 8 times annually, showcase the research and work being done by faculty and trainees in the department.

Past Department Seminars


May 5Linda Gross Kahn, MA, MPH, PhDA life course approach to potentially modifiable predictors of semen quality
March 24Stephen S. Morse, PhDLessons of Ebola and Zika for emerging infectious diseases
January 27Lloyd I. Sederer, MDImproving mental health: Four secrets in plain sight



December 9Guohua Li, MD, DrPHThe elements of scholarship
November 11Manuela Orjuela-Grimm, MD, ScMFrom retinoblastoma to sweet bread: An examination of folate, folic acid, and migration
October 14Master's student day: Poster session and presentations
September 9Silvia S. Martins, MD, PhDRecent trends in nonmedical prescription opioid use, heroin use, and marijuana use in the U.S.
May 13Shakira Suglia, ScD, MSChildhood adversity and cardiovascular health across the life course
April 22R. Graham Barr, MD, DrPHRediscovering emphysema and the pulmonary microvasculature
March 25Mitchell S. V. Elkind, MD, MS, FAAN, FAHAEpidemiology of stroke: The view from northern Manhattan
February 19Deborah S. Hasin, PhDMarijuana and marijuana use disorders in the U.S.: Changing times
January 29Mary Beth Terry, PhDBreast cancer prevention: A story of lifetime exposures, genetics and epigenetics



December 3Yuval Neria, PhDNeural and behavioral mechanisms of fear in PTSD
November 6Deborah Hasin, PhDSubstance use disorders in the United States
October 9Master's student day: Poster session and presentations
September 25Thomas Briese, PhDSARS, MERS and what next? Emerging diseases and microbe hunting
April 24Grace Hillyer, EdD, MPHColorectal cancer screening from a pragmatic perspective
March 27Cande Ananth, PhD, MPH, MScPlacental abruption and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children
January 23Elaine Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CICInterdisciplinary work to prevent infections



November 14Andrea A. Howard, MD, MSNarrowing the ‘know-do gap’: Using implementation science to address TB/HIV co-infection in Sub-Saharan Africa
October 11Master's student day: Poster session and presentations
September 12Dawn L. Hershman, MD, MSUnderstanding and improving the quality of breast cancer treatment
May 9Pam Factor-Litvak, PhDEarly life exposures and later outcomes: What we don't know
April 11Alfred I. Neugut, PhDThoughts on new trends in management of colon cancer
February 14Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, MSInvestigating Celiac Disease with large data sets
January 24Katherine Keyes, PhDEpidemiology matters: A new introduction to methodological foundations



December 6Henry Greenberg, MDThe emerging role of global cardiovascular disease in the public health curriculum
November 1David Lederer, MD, MSBody composition and lung transplantation: A translational epidemiological approach
October 11Master's student day: Poster session and presentations
September 13Elan D. Louis, MD, MSSearching for the prime mover of the movers and shakers: Recounting a 15-year journey into the environmental epidemiology of essential tremor
June 7Ernest Drucker, PhDA plague of prisons: The epidemiology of mass incarceration in America
May 10Jessica Justman, MDUnderstanding HIV incidence
April 12Jeanine Genkinger, PhDInvestigating modifiable preventive factors for rare and fatal cancers
February 8L.H. Lumey, MD, PhDLifecourse epidemiology of disease: Can famine studies answer any questions?
January 8Katherine Keyes, PhDMonitoring the future: Study design, measures, and important findings



December 7Thelma Mielenz, PhDPerson-centered wellness Home: An idea whose time has come
October 12Master's student day: Poster session and presentations
September 7Lawrence Yang, PhDEffects of urbanicity on employment for individuals with schizophrenia: A representative, population-based cohort study in China
June 8Stephen S. Morse, PhD, FAAMSurveillance and forecasting of emerging infectious diseases
April 13Moïse Desvarieux, MD, DMM, PhDInvestigating the link between chronic infections and vascular disease: Are we nuts?
March 9Sharon Schwartz, PhDWhat is the stable unit treatment value assumption (SUTVA) and should you care?
February 10Tiffany Gary-Webb, PhDSocial/environmental determinants of diabetes and obesity



November 11Lisa Bates, PhDGendered social context, deviance, and intimate partner violence in rural Bangladesh
October 28Master's student practicum presentations
September 9Ping Wu, PhDAdolescent substance use, criminal justice system involvement, and unmet need for drug treatment services: An examination of racial disparities
June 10Heather Greenlee, ND, PhDDo integrative therapies improve breast cancer outcomes?
May 13Mitchell Elkind, MD, MSInflammation and infection as risk factors for stroke
April 8Jeri Nieves, PhDInsulin resistance, diabetes, and cognitive impairment: From observation to translation
March 11Alfredo Morabia, MD, PhDPolitical epidemiology of case-control studies: 1900-1950
February 11Nicole Schupf, PhD, DrPHBeta Amyloid as a risk biomarker for  late onset  Alzheimer's disease
January 7Graham Barr, MD, DrPHAn integrative approach to the endothelial hypothesis of emphysema



November 12Jose Luchsinger, MD, MPHInsulin resistance, diabetes, and cognitive impairment: from observation to translation
October 22Lucy Almers, Natalie Levy, Hae Young KimMaster's students practicum presentations
September 24Richard Mayeux, MDGenetic approaches to Alzheimer's Disease
June 18Magdalena Cerdá, DrPHUsing innovative methods to understand the social determinants of co-occurring mental health problems across the  lifecourse
May 28Ryan Demmer, PhDPeriodontal infections and type 2 diabetes risk
May 7Daniel Barth-Jones, PhDWorkshop: Systems dynamics modeling
April 9Louise Kuhn, PhDTreatment of HIV-infected children with antiretroviral drug resistance
February 26Wim Veling, MD, MSc, PhDUs and Them: Epidemiological findings on migration and schizophrenia in the Netherlands