DrPH Student Profiles

  • Daniel Sjoberg


    • MA, Biostatistics, Boston Univ.
    • BS, Mathematics, Univ. of Utah

    Cohort Year: Fall 2014
    Email: dds2149@cumc.columbia.edu
    Research Interests: Education; Urologic oncology; Personalized medicine; Study design

  • Jessica Lavery


    • MS, Biostatistics, UNC Chapel Hill (2014)
    • BS, Statistics, Loyola University Maryland (2012) 

    Cohort Year: Fall 2019
    Email: jl4443@cumc.columbia.edu
    Research Interests: Oncology, health outcomes research, measuring provider quality, statistical computing 

  • Tse-hwei Choo


    • MPH, Biostatistics, Mailman Sch. of Public Health, Columbia Univ.
    • MS, Psychology, Georgetown Univ.
    • BS, Biology, Yale Univ.

    Cohort Year: Fall 2014
    Email: tjc2143@cumc.columbia.edu

    Research Interests: Mediation; Spatial data analysis; Latent variables; Resampling techniques

  • Volha Tryputsen


    • MS, Statistics and Biostatistics, Rutgers University
    • BA, Statistics, Rutgers University

    Cohort Year: Fall 2014
    Email: vt2263@cumc.columbia.edu

    Research Interests: Drug discovery; Data mining; Big data analysis; Translational research; Biomarkers; Imaging biomarkers; Genomics; Neuroscience; Oncology; Gene set analysis; Computational biolog

  • Weijia Fan


    • M.S., Biostatistics, Columbia University
    • B.S., Statistics, Sun Yat-sen University

    Cohort Year:  Fall 2020
    Email: wf2213@cumc.columbia.edu
    Research Interests: Undetermined

  • Ying Chen

    Education: MD, MS, MA
    Cohort Year: Fall 2018
    Email: yc384@cumc.columbia.edu
    Research Interests: Depression and Precision Medicine

  • Yifan Xu

    MPH, Biostatistics, College of Global Public Health, New York University
    BEng, Bioengineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Cohort Year: Fall 2023
    Email: yx2857@cumc.columbia.edu
    Research Interests: Clinical trial; Cardiovascular disease; Bayesian analysis; Wearable devices