Trans and GNC Resources

This is a page dedicated to providing up-to-date policies, services, and resources for Columbia Mailman’s transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) community. 

Columbia Gender Identity Program

The Columbia Gender Identity Program provides compassionate, personalized, and expert care to children, adolescents, adults, and families across the gender and sexuality spectrum. Led by Drs. Walter Bockting and Melina Wald, the experts at the Columbia Gender Identity Program are known across the country for competent and sensitive counseling and care geared to the needs of transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming individuals and their families. 

The team at the Columbia Gender Identity Program provides a range of services tailored to each patient’s needs, including:

Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to assess gender dysphoria in the context of overall psychosocial development and health

Specialized psychotherapy to engage children, adolescents, and adults in a process of exploring their identity, and find a gender expression that is comfortable

Evaluation and referral for gender-affirming medical interventions, such as puberty suppression, masculinizing or feminizing hormone therapy and/or surgery

Tailored treatment planning that involves collaborative input from patient, families, and other health professionals involved in the care of the patient

Individual psychotherapy

Family and couples therapy

Supportive group therapy for individuals and family members  

Medication management for psychiatric conditions

Expedited referral and coordination with other specialty services across Columbia University Irving Medical Center, community partners, and affiliated organizations

Columbia's Preferred Name Policy

Columbia University has a "preferred name" policy that will allow students to change their first and/or middle name in the SSOL. The "preferred name" will appear on University ID Cards, Class rosters, SSOL, Courseworks/Canvas, CourseWorks discussion groups, and the Public Directory (unless a FERPA information block has been requested). For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions for Columbia's "Preferred Name" Policy. If you encounter any issues with this policy, please contact our office at

Gender Affirming Care Panel (Info from Spring 2021)

This session was featured as a part of the Spring 2021 Admitted Students Week. Watch the session here to learn more about gender affirming care options available for CUIMC/Mailman students:



See slides from the session here.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Columbia University Irving Medical Center's gender-inclusive restrooms are available to our community and guests. See here for a list and map of all CUIMC gender-inclusive restrooms. 

Pronoun Resources

This resource sheet was created to provide education about pronouns and how to address being misgendered.

Pronouns in Use Program

The Pronouns in Use program, piloted in the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020, will be rolled out to the entire Columbia University in Fall 2021. Through this program, students can register their pronoun in use on CourseWorks via the NameCoach option. All students in the Mailman School of Public Health, the Business School and the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) are welcome to register their pronouns.

The OutList

The Mailman School of Public Health’s OutList is an online platform for LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The OutList aims to foster inclusion by providing a virtual space for LGBTQ+ members of the Columbia Mailman School community to connect with each other. We encourage all LGBTQ+ members of our community to use this list as both a social network and to seek mentorship and opportunities for collaboration. Not only does this OutList represent Columbia Mailman School’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the OutList serves as a testament to our belief that Health is a Human Right.

These names represent only a subset of the diverse gender and sexual identities represented at Mailman. We recognize that being Out is itself a privilege and that many members of our global community continue to face tremendous barriers to living full and authentic lives. While this list will, in no way, rectify the systemic oppression faced by LGBTQ+ members of our community – past and present – coming out serves as the first step, of many, into a more equitable, just, and healthy world for LGBTQ+ persons.  

If you are willing and able to serve as a mentor and/or resource for LGBTQ+ members of our community, please consider joining the OutList. To do so, complete this form.

Transgender Health at Student Health on Haven

At Student Health on Haven, transgender students and gender-expansive students may seek individual, customized care with a Medical Services provider.

Services may include:

Chest/Breast Exam

Pelvic Exam & PAP Test

Prostate Exam

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening & Treatment

Continuation & Maintenance of Hormone Therapy

Care Coordination, including referrals for initiation of hormones and reassignment surgery

Students may schedule an appointment with a clinician at Counseling Services to discuss a range of topics to address their mental health needs.

The Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan provides coverage for hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery, which are conducted off-campus. Schedule an appointment (link is external and opens in a new window) with a Primary Care Medical Services provider who can provide more detailed information.