SHIFT’s one-time survey will identify the individual, social, and structural risk and protective factors associated with sexual health and sexual misconduct among undergraduates at Columbia and BarnardTo achieve this aim, 2,500 students were randomly selected from all undergraduates and invited to complete a self-administered quantitative survey that measured their experiences, behaviors, and attitudes related to sex, relationships, mental health, substance use, social life, childhood, family, and other sociodemographic data. The survey utilized well-validated measures, with some questions adapted to be University-specific. The survey provides data on a range of factors that may increase risk of experience or perpetration of sexual assault, protect against experience or perpetration of sexual assault, and correlate with positive sexual outcomes.

Students had the option to take the web-based survey at an on-site study location on Columbia’s Morningside campus, or off-site at any location of their choosing. The survey enrolled participants from March to May 2016. Survey participants received $40 compensation for completing the survey. All participants who completed the survey were entered into one of our lotteries to win $200. The survey garnered a 67% response rate. The team is currently analyzing data. 

Read more about survey findings: Sexual assault incidents among college undergraduates: Prevalence and factors associated with risk

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