The Columbia Mailman MPH program offers a population mental health certificate that provides the skills needed to understand the distribution of mental health

Dr. Claire Greene talking with students about her APEx Opportunities at a GMH at Mailman event

conditions worldwide and their relationship to public health. Courses cover the epidemiology of mental health conditions and conceptualize and test underlying causes of mental health conditions, interventions, and preventive efforts.

Courses highlight the dynamic interplay of multiple levels, that is, a person (biology, psychology), in context (family, social network, neighborhood, workplace, society), and through time (person and contextual change). They focus on issues related to the human rights of persons with mental illness, stigma associated with psychiatric conditions, and goals of social equity for those with psychiatric disorders worldwide.

The GMH Leadership group also developed a student-focused Courseworks page that serves to communicate

Dr. Kerry Keyes talks with students at a GMH at Mailman event

global mental health specific talks and events, and to connect students with APEx and research opportunities. If you are a current student who wants to stay up-to-date on events and opportunities tailored for students interested in the field of Global Mental Health, you can request to be added to the Courseworks page:

Coursework Related to Global Mental Health

EPID P6811- Priorities in Global Public Health

EPID P8479 - Epidemiologic Methods in Global Mental Health Research

EPID P6813 - Priorities in Global Mental Health

POPF P8616 - Public Health Aspects of Adolescent Health

POPF P8683 - Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues in Forced Migration