Other Resources

Here is a list of health promotion resources and databases:

  • Guide to Community Preventive Services: Federally sponsored website that provides guidance on selecting community-based programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease that are based on systematic reviews of the evidence

  • Cancer Control PLANET (Plan, Link, Act, Network with Evidence-based Tools): Web portal designed to provide cancer control practitioners with stepwise access to data and evidence-based resources to assist in planning and implementing evidence-based plans and programs

  • Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions: Website designed to bring science-based, community-group, and individual-level HIV prevention interventions to community-based service providers and state and local health departments

  • Canadian Best Practice Portal: A virtual front door to community and population health interventions related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion

  • Blueprints for Violence Prevention: Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development provides a registry of evidence-based positive youth development programs designed to promote the health and well-being of children and teens. Blueprints programs are family, school, and community-based and target all levels of need

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association (SAMSA) - National registry of evidence based programs and practices: Online registry of tested interventions that support mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, and mental health and substance abuse treatment

  • Research-Tested Interventions Programs (RTIPS): Searchable database of cancer control interventions and program materials, designed to provide program planners and public health practitioners easy access to research-tested materials

Other Resources:

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