The Industrial Determinants of Health

David Rosner, Gerald Markowitz, and Merlin Chowkwanyun, launched a website, Toxicdocs, with millions of previously unseen documents from a variety of industries. These internal documents detail activities around occupational and environmental diseases and corporate responses to danger. This project is a joint undertaking of the Center, CUNY, and the Center for Public Integrity, the watchdog journalism organization that has been hailed in the past for its investigative reporting. The database is being built from documents that Rosner and Markowitz gathered through a variety of lawsuits over environmental and occupational hazards including vinyl chloride, asbestosis, silicosis, lead and PCBs. CPI is providing the documents that have been gathered through its Pulitzer prizing winning investigative reports on the chemical industry. Chowkwanyun developed the innovative search engine setting a new standard when the site launched in 2015.

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