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History and Ethics

Without a historical frame, our understanding of public health interventions will always be diminished. Ethical considerations—and the history that informs them—guides research questions and policies.

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Faculty in History and Ethics

Alfredo Morabia
Professor of Clinical
David Rosner
Ronald H. Lauterstein Professor
Sociomedical Sciences
Ezra Susser
Epidemiology and Psychiatry
James Colgrove
Sociomedical Sciences
Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
Associate Professor
Sociomedical Sciences
Stephen Morse
Epidemiology at the Columbia University Medical Center
Merlin Chowkwanyun
Donald H. Gemson Assistant Professor
Sociomedical Sciences

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Merlin Chowkwanyun is a public health historian and assistant professor of sociomedical sciences in the Center for History and Ethics. He is a leading scholar of American health activism and policy. In July, he is releasing his first book, All Health Politics Is Local, which examines how dif
By the early 1970s, women made up nearly half the workforce, and in growing numbers were joining occupations previously denied them. Even as the workforce landscape shifted and women faced new health and safety risks, there was a dearth of information about these risks and avenues to advocat
Each year at Commencement, a member of the Columbia Mailman graduating class is awarded the Bernard Challenor Spirit Prize, one of the School’s top honors, given in recognition of those who exemplify the character of the award’s namesake. But who was Bernard Challenor? He was a pioneering Af

Just Published

Fairchild, A.L., Dawson, R., Bayer, R., & Selgelid, M.J. (2017). The World Health Organization, Public Health Ethics, and Surveillance: Essential Architecture for Social Well-Being. American Journal of Public Health. View abstract

Morabia, A. (2016). The Obama Family's Histroic Contribution to Public Health. American Journal of Public Health. View abstract.

Colgrove, J. (2016). Vaccine Refusal Revisited — The Limits of Public Health Persuasion and Coercion. The New England Journal of Medicine. View abstract.  

Bayer, R., Johns, D., & Galea, S. (2016). A false aura of scientific controversy around salt? The Lancet. View abstract


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