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Dr. Ying Wei's research interests are in the general area of quantile regression, longitudinal data, and semi-parametric models, with a focus on developing methodologies of longitudinal growth chart construction. This screening process can provide an individual's current growth status by taking into account one's personal profiles. Dr. Wei's methodologies provide flexibility by avoiding underlying distribution assumption and accommodate unequally-spaced measurement time spacings. She also has investigated effective methods to make inferences, diagnose model goodness-of-fit, and assess uncertainty of screening based on the estimated models.



PhD, 2004, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS, 2001, University of Science and Technology of China
BS, 1998, University of Science and Technology of China

Mailman Affiliations

Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics
Member, Columbia Center for Environmental Health and Justice in Northern Manhattan

Other Affiliations

Fellow, American Statistical Association
Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Member, International Chinese Statistical Association

Areas of Expertise

Longitudinal Studies

Select Publications

Wei, Y. and He. X Conditional growth charts The Annals of Statistics |(to appear) 2005
Wei, Y., Pere, A., Koenker, R., and He, X. Quantile regression methods for reference growth charts Statistics in Medicine (to appear) 2005
Chen, L. and Wei, Y. On some computational issues for quantile regression Sankhya (to appear) 2005
Huang, B., Martin, S.J., Bachmann, K.A., He, X., Reese, J.H., Wei, Y., Iwuagwu C., Mao, Z., and Xin, H. A nationwide survey of physician office visits found that inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions were issued for bacterial respiratory tract infections in ambulatory patients Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (to appear) 2005
Kaufmann, P., Engelstad, K., Wei, Y., Jhung, S., Sano, M.C., Shungu, D.C., Millar, W.S., Hong, X., Gooch, C.L., Mao, x., Pascual, J.M., Hirano, H., Tein, I, Stacpoole, P.W., DiMauro, S., and De Vivo, Dichloroacetate as a treatment for MELAS: Toxicity overshadows potential benefit NEUROLOGY (to appear) 2005
Huang B, Martin SJ, Bachmann KA, He X, Reese JH, Wei Y, Iwuagwu C, Mao Z, Xin H Antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory tract infections during physician office visits in the United States: an analysis of the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 1999 Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2004
Hu, T. and Wei, Y. Multivariate stochastic comparisons of inspection and repair policies Statistics and Probability Letters 53 315-324 2001
Hu T, Wei Y Stochastic comparisons of spacings from restricted families of distributions Statistics and Probability Letters 53 91-99 2001
Hu T, Zhu Z, Wei Y Likelihood-ratio and mean residual life orders for order statistics of heterogeneous random variables Probability in Engineering and Information Science 15 259-272 2001

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