Mailman Student Voices

A Triple Threat in the West

California native and MPH candidate Harsimran Sidhu examines the interconnectedness of wildfires, record-breaking heat, and COVID-19 in her home state. 


An American Legacy

Drawing on America's dark past, Karinna Carrillo announces a public health-centered platform for her future political campaign and outlines the type of legislator she'll be.

With Social Media Influence Comes Social Responsibility

Richa Rai digs into the positive attributes of using social media in a pandemic and the sometimes deadly consequences that come with the spread of misinformation. 

They Called Me "The Puberty Lady"

Christine Hagstrom looks back on the puberty lessons she taught in Seattle-area schools and looks ahead to how an MPH will help her reinvent how we educate adolescents, parents, teachers, and advocates. 

10 Tips for Adapting to Online Education

Second-year student Sila Adhiningrat offers tips and advice to new and returning students for how to thrive in online and remote learning environments.

Education Beyond Borders

In response to the 2020 ICE guidance that put the education of thousands of students in jeopardy, Vanessa Sandra describes the shockwaves sent through the international student community and why we need to protect them more than ever. 

A Plea To Improve Data

Christina Abraham illustrates how over-simplifying racial identity influences representation, and resources for entire subpopulations of people. 

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