Mailman Student Voices

End Racial Disparities in Maternal Health, Call a Midwife

Kennedy Austin discusses the realities of maternal health for black women in New York City. 

A Tale of Two Master's Degrees

Rachel Smith writes about pursuing a dual degree and how using social work skills can enhance the practice of public health. 

From Cambodia to Columbia

Chung Lip on his journey to public health and the importance of kindness and storytelling he discovered along the way.

Looking For A Bathroom

Maayan Jaffe rediscovers her own city through the lens of menstrual equity.

Ethiopia Offline

After witnessing a coup attempt, Columbia Public Health student Alexandra Ellis reflects on the value and challenges of being connected. 

Resilience in Ethiopia

Working in the midst of a cholera outbreak, one Columbia Mailman student reflects on the obstacles that threaten the health of rural communities.

Merging Two Paths: Climate Migration and Health System Preparedness

Nika Sabasteanski creates a unique summer practicum experience in Geneva, bringing together humnitarian assistance and climate change. 

Our Moment

Joaquin Effertz finds inspiration in public health movements of the past and encourages his classmates to seize the energy of the moment. 

Finding Your Path

For Kyle MacDonald, working in healthcare was always the goal. From pre-med college to medical school and then residency, he was certain that the path forward was rooted in medicine. That all changed in 2016. 

A Call To Pay It Forward and Build Community

Hector Sanchez Perez highlights the importance of community collaboration in solving the greatest public health challenges today. 

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