Fees & Scholarships

The 11-month Career MODE Program offers a wealth of training, networking, and mentorship resources to cohort trainees. With the help of IPERT (Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training) funding, we are able to keep costs low for all participants and offer over 50% of our participants a full scholarship.


After acceptance, Career MODE trainees will charge a nominal $800 participation fee for the entire 11-month program. This fee covers the cost of training, mentoring, networking activities, travel and lodging. The $800 fee that trainees pay covers 6% of the program’s full expense for the training, with the remaining 94% of the cost being paid through IPERT (Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training) funding. In addition, at least 50% of the cohort will have the $800 participation fee waived by receiving a scholarship. 


All applicants will be considered for a full scholarship that will waive the fee of the program, allowing the trainee to participate for free. Career MODE offers this generous scholarship to ensure the participation fee is not an obstacle for marginalized or low-income applicants. A least 50% of cohort members will receive a program scholarship.  

Awards are made on the basis of scientific merit, financial need, and potential impact of the applicant’s attendance in increasing the diversity of training participation, with particular focus on women and underrepresented and marginalized groups. 

How Do I Apply for a Scholarship 

Simply apply to the Career MODE Program via the  application form. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship when you submit your application for the program. The application will ask questions about financial need and scientific merit.  

When will I be notified about Scholarship award

In March - April, we will reach out to all applicants via email to inform them if they have been accepted into the program. In this email we will also note if the applicant will receive a scholarship waiving the participation fee.

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