Population health is a multi-disciplinary endeavor focused on understanding and maximizing the health of populations. The pursuit of population health requires drawing on the methods and theoretical approaches of diverse fields in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences. These include but are not limited to epidemiology, sociology, economics, geography, psychology, and biology. Population health is also concerned with the dissemination of science and its translation into action to promote health. This digital space is a platform designed to provide resources for a diverse audience of scientists and practitioners to facilitate ongoing education and the exchange of ideas regarding innovative methods in population health.

Acknowledgement: This website was developed with the support of a generous grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Materials for the Methods described on this site were created by a diverse team of faculty and doctoral students in the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health under the leadership of Dr. Gina Lovasi, and are compiled and updated on an ongoing basis. We offer special thanks to the following contributors:

Mansi Agarwal, Safaa Suliman Ahmed, Hilary F. Armstrong, Judy Austin, Carolyn Bancroft, Maria Baquero, David Barnes, Montina Befus, Blanca Bernard-Davila, Ulka Campbell, Greg Cohen, Whitney Cowell, Salima Darakjy, Jennifer Marie DeCuir, Mandip Dhamoon, Jennifer Duchon, Melissa Dupont-Reyes, Jennifer Ferris, Lori Fingerhut, Allana Forde, Nicolle Gatto, Jeanine Genkinger, Charlene Goh, Mandy Goldberg, Mila Gonzalez, Kirsha Gordon, Emily Greene, Sang Won Han, Sabrina Hermosilla, Carolyn Herzig, Caitlin Howe, Medina Jackson, Linda Kahn, Katherine Keyes, Katrina Kezios, Mary Kilty, June H. Kim, Justin Knox, Erin Kulick, Stephanie Kujawski, Laszlo Lovasi, Jaime Madrigano, Dana March, Steve Mooney, Javier Narvaez, Lizzy Oelsner, Anton Palma, Brandilyn Peters, Neena Philip, Aravind Pillai, Victor Puac Polanco, Seth Prins, Ashlinn Quinn, Richard Remigio, Catherine Richards, Alexis V. Rivera, Michael Rosanoff, Beth Rubenstein, Suzue Saito, Christian Salazar, Tiffany Sanchez, Ayana April-Sanders, Kate Sapra, Zaixing Shi, Stephanie Shiau, Tasha Stehling-Ariza, Shakira Suglia, Chloe Teasdale, Julian Santaella Tenorio, Ana Tergas, Lorna Thorpe, Sheila Vaidya, and Kate Weinberger.

This site is directed by Dr. Lisa M. Bates, ScD, SM. Inquiries should be directed to: lb2290@columbia.edu.

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